Quality engineering has moved in to main stream now in the world of software development. Quality at speed is need of an hour therefore continuous testing is the right ask and expectations today for delivering quality products at speed to stay in the competition. However gazing quality levels at any point during quality engineering cycle has become a big challenge.  It is simply difficult to say this particular application/product is at this definite percentage of quality if one were to assess middle of the quality engineering process. There is no formula really yet to arrive on number that one can claim as quality level in terms of percentage, for example I do not think I can say the application I am testing is at say 85% quality or any other number based on my own calculations/assessments. I can still quote number of test cases passed, failed , outstanding defects, requirements coverage based on traceability , code coverage etc. but yet it does not give me perspective on percentage/level quality product is in, if were to evaluate anytime. Nor requirements coverage with 100% based on test case execution provides me straight answer on quality levels. This is something we as practitioners/SMEs to research through collating all kinds of parameters/factors that need accounting in arriving on definite quality claim! #Quality Life

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