Industry Readiness Programs

Industry Readiness Program is designed to provide skills necessary to become employed and stay productive in the current industries. Program covers student to professional course covering life cycle models, domain areas that are in demand say Healthcare, BFSI etc, latest technologies such as IoT, Block chain, AI, Cloud etc with use cases. We also cover aptitude tests to evaluate where each one stands with respect to benchmarking being done.
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Industry Readiness Programs

Our practitioners experience in the industry is for last two decades. We have seen trends over several years and very well know ask and where industry is heading. Therefore we are experts in designing workshops on industry readiness for college graduates. This is indeed like virtual
on-boarding fresh talent in to the industry before they join organisations and start delivering from day one. We strongly endorse handholding fresh talent  from campus itsself well before they join their dream companies. 
Our workshops run across various topics on latest and greatest ask in the industry today. We cover topics such as IoT, Block chain, AI, DevOps etc along with one programming language say Python if colleges agree on timelines. We also cover domain areas and student to professional transformation course. We have various packages to offer based on timelines and budget. Colleges can chose based on needs. Program can be customised as well based on requirements. We have done consolidation and benchmarking on what industry players in IT are looking in fresh talent in terms of technical and aptitude skillsWe visit your campus and evaluate students accordingly and help you cover gaps.



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