We have transformed a lot way we delivery software in terms of approach, standards, technology landscape, delivery models and our thinking. We have gotten in to plug and play kind of an approach in everything we do in the world of software deliveries; say we look forward for some portion of ready code in terms of libraries/packages so that we can focus on core business logic, embrace proven open source/commercial tools for accelerating deliveries, look for value based pricing through outcome based models. Likewise even on resource loading industry is looking at plug and play where SMSes come, provide solution and move with another assignment real quick. We are in very fast moving world at the moment; therefore expectations are also on same lines in terms of software deliveries. It is getting in to real consulting world. There is a huge acceptance for short term consulting engagements, contract options, and freelancing. In catalogue of services clients are looking for core consultants/SMEs who we can offer on the fly.  Let us fail fast, source fast, deliver happiness fast leveraging innovative models and methods covering processes, tools and technologies, and people, on the go.

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