QA Transformation and Consulting

Our consultants can assess your QA processes,practices, methodologies, application landscape,tools and provide you with the direction, resources and manpower to develop a road map and touch points to completely transform the way your company delivers applications enabling quality at speed which is the need of an hour , leveraging our D3O QA Assessment framework.

Talk to us on managed services as well that we offer in QA testing space.

QA Transformation and Consulting.

The QA function has come long way going through transformations at every stage. We have moved on to quality engineering now from typical quality assurance function. Software testing has gotten in to main stream in the software development world. Focus has moved on to defects prevention activities and initiatives verses just looking at defects detection. Planning for right QA strategy is utmost need for improving overall product quality, for faster time to market and optimizations on costs. We have expertise in assessing QA organisations/departments and
providing roadmap on implementations. Our assessment framework has taken all aspects in to consideration including best practices from industry standards TMMI and TPI-next. Assessments will be revolving around three strong pillars – People, Processes, Tools and Technologies.

To improve software delivery quality and to fine tune delivery processes, organizations must first identify where they stand in terms of software quality assurance maturity – to achieve shorter and faster software delivery cycles,to optimize tools, resource and knowledge utilization and to be able to partner in digital transformation initiatives.

 Managed Services

 We have an expertise in delivering managed services on QA Manual, test automation assignments covering various tools and life cycle models. 

D3O Model for QA Assessment

Understand current processes & practices
Conduct interviews
Identify gaps AS-IS w.r.t. reference frameworks, standards and models
Prioritize as mandatory / preferred/ optional
Develop roadmap (To-Be)
Develop detailed guidelines & procedures, life cycle models, metrics, data collection and analyses
Recommend appropriate systems, methods, team structure and infrastructure
Prepare training material
Develop deployment plan
Train key stakeholders on new processes and metrics
Pilot deployment of the new process in selected projects
Provide mentoring support
Refine processes based on implementation feedback
Guide metrics analyses & sustenance
Conduct independent audits and evaluate.
Define corrective actions
Analyze metrics
Create process maps for continuous improvement and optimizations.



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